our mission

GLOsquad was founded to help women and men of all ages understand that skin maintenance is a necessity, not a uxury. With an expert team of medical professionals, scientists and certified aestheticians and practitioners, GLOsquad has developed an approach to the care of skin that is based on education, routine and accessibility. Like our hair, nails and physique, skin needs maintenance and regular care.

The hallmark of GLOsquad when treating women, men and many teens is the use of topically derived probiotics. Probiotics are the newest breakthrough in beauty and have been shown to help with aging, collagen production, redness and acne and aging. They are soothing, fight bad bacteria and as we age, probiotics help to build up the skin rather than break it down. they put back in the skin what it loses over time: collagen, elasticity and strength, due to the natural aging process, environmental factors, sun exposure and the sins of our skincare past. We are about building up vs. breaking down.

For our tweens and teens, our focus is on educating them on how to take care of their skin, using products that are free of toxins, regular use of sunscreen and how to prevent and fight breakouts and acne.

GLOsquad’s goal is to create a long lasting relationships with all of it’s clients and in doing so, track their ever changing skin, modify and adapt routines as skin evolves and changes and address problems, if and when they arrive.


Recognizing that the vast majority of people do not understand the fundamentals of skin composition,skin problems, acne, breakouts, the aging process and/or the impact of what they are or aren’t putting on their skin, GLOsquad created its education protocol. We teach our clients about their skin and what needs to be done in order to repair, reverse, maintain and protect. Depending on their age,we help them understand the fundamentals of the their skin and it’s care, how other types of skin treatments work:ablative and non ablative lasers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, light therapy, electric current therapy and more. A client’s choices are personal, but we feel it is critical when someone is making choices to treat their skin that they know the science and mechanism for change that is being used.

While many of our adult clients include a dermatologist in their routine for injectables, lasers and strong chemical peels GLOsquad knows in order to achieve optimal skin, regular care of the health and condition of the skin via topical active ingredients is essential for the quality of and skin health. Beautiful, healthy skin cannot exist without regular care.

It is indisputable that the earlier we start taking care of our skin, the better the long term results, so GLOsquad starts educating girls and boys at a young age.Tweens are taught how to care for their skin, the importance of wearing sunscreen and given guidance on how to select the right healthy products to care for their skin. As tweens turn into teens, skin issues can become more complex. We educate teens on the causes of breakouts and acne and help create a routine and product regimen to help target and
resolve their issues.


We make it easy to maintain skin. All of our treatments are 30 minutes or less to make them an easy addition to busy lives and priced to be able to be integrated into everyone’s beauty and healthcare routines.

the “it” factor:

The fact that the lounge is inviting, chic and fun with GLOwater, candles that smell great and a choice of music and fun during treatments, makes doing something that is good for skin health, even that much better.

the brains behind the beauty

GLOsquad is powered by the strength and expertise of mybody, the scientific and award winning advanced probioitic skincare company, which was founded by David Watson, the founder and innovative force behind the renowned Philosophy and Biomedic® brands. David developed Biomedic, one of the first medically dispensed skincare lines distributed through plastic surgeons and dermatologists, and played a major role in building the brand and pioneering a new skincare sector. His insight and direction were instrumental in helping the brand achieve a level of success attracting the
interest of L’Oréal® who acquired Biomedic® in 2000. David’s experience paved the way to create a collection harnessing the most cutting-edge technology of probiotics by working with top scientists and formulators.

GLO Girls’ To-Do

introducing the unpeel

GLOsquad offers you treatments to combat that nasty little enemy called time. Our two specialty GLO treatments are
designed to work both alone and together to bring out the most beautiful you!

The term “chemical peel” is scary! While high potency “peels” have their place in a medical center, they require significant downtime and result in a few to many layers of your skin literally “peeling”. Most of us do not have days to weeks to spend in hiding or recovering. There can also be the risk of real injury.

GLOsquad is taking charge of your youthification with skin treatment that insure incredible results and change your skin safely through science stimulating the production of collagen rather than the removal of skin. Don’t peel … unpeel!!!!

Other anti-aging benefits you can expect from the treatment are *enhanced oxygen uptake to impart a healthy glow *increased skin immunity that protects skin from external insults *antioxidant activity that fights free radical damage *reduction in the appearance of photo damage *reduction in the appearance of inflammation, redness and ruddiness and *reduction in the appearance of uneven pigmentation.

GLOsquad is your mobile beauty boost and anti-aging team, Ready, set GLO!:

house visits

private parties

birthday parties

bridal showers

bachelorette parties

and more; bringing the GLO team to you and your friends whenever and wherever you want

so come on and get your GLO on!

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