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GLObody $85

an incredible advanced 3 step toning, firming, cellulite and stretch mark clinical grade treatment that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks while firming and toning the skin. the treatment starts with a skin prep body polish with exfoliating glycolic and plant enzyme to smooth and stimulate the skin’s natural flow of circulation and opening the pores to receive key slimming actives in our cellulite fighting serum. the serum then introduces biologically active ingredients that have anti-cellulite and regenerative properties that help strengthen skin cells and connective tissues, stimulating tissue drainage for a firming, tightening effect. the treatment finishes with a firm and tone body lotion that has proven active lifting ingredients to help stimulate collagen production and increase moisturization and elasticity. all together leaving you feeling smoother, slim, trim, tight and toned.

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GLOcleanup $12-$16*

This treatment freshens up the brow you already have. We can tweeze and trim or wax to clean up your shape and highlight your natural brow.
*depending on how much TLC your brows need to help you be the perfect GLO girl

GLOshaping $24

This treatment gives you the perfect eyebrows. We start with a consultation about shape, length and the thickness, thinness and fullness of your brow. Next, we measure the three points of your brow: start, arch and end. You will be guided step-by-step, as we wax, tweeze and trim to build the exact brow you want.



lip $10 chin $12
face $15 brow $22


under $20 lower $30 full $50


lower $40 full $65

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