Ms.Cooper approaches skin like she approaches life, calm, cool and collected and it shows. Her years of experience in TV production coupled with her time spent running her own health and wellness company helping clients achieve an optimal state of well being by incorporating healthy habits and empowering them with the tools to achieve overall vitality, give her exactly what it takes to “produce” a well orchestrated business focusing on finding beautiful skin and GLOing from the inside out.

Attending McGill University, Ms.Cooper achieved a degree in Communications and went on to be a TV producer for an assortment of lifestyle shows. She later left her career to become a mother for many years until she became a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners, launching her health and wellness company in 2013. As Ms.Cooper was helping clients achieve their health goals and changing habits to lead a happier more balanced life, she became well versed in the benefits of probiotics both for the inside and outside. Her research and education on healthy habits revealed the need to reduce the use of treatments and products on the skin that cause injury and inflammation. Finally, she wanted to give women access to paraben, sulfate and toxin free products. Understanding that time is precious, she wanted to offer a way to manage ones beauty regime more efficiently while consistently maintaining only the highest level of care and attention. Rolling all of it together led to the creation of GLOsquad.

Ms.Cooper’s motto is that healthy living leads to healthy skin and healthy skin leads to happier women. When you look good, you feel good!


Ms.Doster brings years of legal practice and management experience plus a decade of obsessing about her skin and aging to GLOsquad. As a veteran consumer of aesthetic treatments, having worked with the top dermatologists in the country and partaking in the wide range of skin care products and treatments available, Ms.Shawna Hamilton Doster is well versed in this industry and brings her expertise as an educated patient and client. Her obsession with skin is rivaled only by her never ending mission to provide women and men the best options for on the go skin rejuvenation and anti-aging in an easy, fun and happy place.

Ms.Shawna Hamilton Doster graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Marketing and concentration in Finance then continuing on to the University of Houston to obtain her law degree. Ms.Doster worked for years practicing general litigation including a focus on medical malpractice, asbestos and oil and gas defense. After leaving the law, Ms.Doster ran the board of New York City non profit, Books for kids, where she led the organization building libraries all across the country.

The idea to found GLOsquad was borne out of wanting to make beauty easy and accessible and with the desire to educate women on the anti aging and product industry. As she likes to say so many women “don’t know what they don’t know”. She and GLOsquad are going to change that.

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