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GLOsquad and mybody Key Technologies


      • New topical probiotic clinical treatment gently stimulates skin immunity to rebuild aging, thinning skin without topical injury or downtime
      • Lipo-oligopeptidesmimic growth factors to influence healthy gene expression
      • GDR™ (glyceryldi-retinoate) is a patented lipid-soluble retinol complex for results closer to prescription Vitamin A, but without typical redness
      • Faster, body-compatible delivery system comprised of essential fatty acids are readily accepted by skin / easily disposed by the skin enzymes and provide nutrition for skin cells to heighten protection against ROS


GLOsquad & mybody bypass the old skincare technologies associated with injury, chronic inflammation and a damaged epidermis through powerful Probiotic Bioactives.


  • GLOsquad and mybody Probiotic Bioactives boost skin’s natural repair response
  • Epidermis is left intact to heighten immunity and trigger healthy collagen production
  • Long term results are maximized due to minimal stress and inflammation


  • Excessive stress depletes probiotic activity and weakens cellular communication
  • Impaired barrier function increases risk of inflammation sensitivity and dryness
  • Continued damage results in thinner skin with less collagen production






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